This is a biro drawing taken from my journal scribblings. As someone who already had a lot on their plate, so to speak, the pandemic has had a significant impact upon my physical and mental health. I have pernicious anaemia and like many others, my treatment has been stopped during lockdown, leaving me feeling quite unwell. I also have problems with depression and anxiety arising largely from PTSD I have experienced since the traumatic death of my best friend in the first year of University. I am currently attempting to finish of my degree as a third year and the pandemic has made it a very difficult past couple of months. During the anniversary of my friend’s death, my depression and anxiety spiralled a lot because I was isolated and cut off from a lot of my usual coping mechanisms such as spending time with friends. Having said this, I draw hope from whatever sources I can, and I’m holding onto these things. My partner and family are very supportive. To anyone else struggling right now, don’t give up! Take it a day at a time and be kind to yourself x