• DrawingOut Activity booklet

    We created a DrawingOut Activity Booklet for those who cannot or prefer not to access a computer or any other type of electronic device. Download and print the booklet and follow the step-by-step exercises to create your own visual metaphors. Remember you can submit your drawings to our galleries at any time.

    Download DrawingOutBooklet.pdf (2MB)
  • Experiences of endometriosis in Wales

    This booklet shows the drawings and comments by a group of women in Wales affected by endometriosis during a DrawingOut workshop in 2018. The project was part of a consultation exercise to the Welsh Government on endometriosis care and provision in Wales. It was conducted by a group of female academics at Cardiff University, including the creators of the DrawingOut method, Dr Gameiro and Dr El Refaie.

    Download Experiences-of-endometriosis-in-Wales.pdf (4MB)
  • Infertility experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic women

    This booklet is about the infertility experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic Women, using their own words and artwork. The DrawingOut project was funded by Welsh Crucible and carried out by a team of female researchers at Cardiff and Aberystwyth universities, including Dr Gameiro and Dr El Refaie.

    Download Thorns-Flowers.pdf (15MB)
  • Chronic Kidney Disease

    This booklet about Chronic Kidney Disease is based on the artwork and words of young adults with this disease, and of specialists who support them.The DrawingOut workshop was run by an MA student at Cardiff University, under the supervision of Dr El Refaie.

    Download DrawingOut-Chronic-Kidney-Disease.pdf (11MB)
  • Experiences of violent conflict in Myanmar

    Small tree sheltered by large tree

    This booklet resulted from a DrawingOut-inspired project that aimed to capture the experiences of ordinary women and men living amidst violent conflict in Kachin state, Myanmar. A team of artists and activists from Myanmar, and academics from the UK and USA, ran drawing workshops with local participants living in camps for internally displaced persons.

    Download Kachin-Booklet-FINAL-PDF.pdf (9MB)