Using the artwork for dissemination

The workshop participants’ drawings can be used in different ways to raise awareness and support the work of organisations.

For example, they can form the basis of an exhibition, films or information booklets (see examples here and here), or to illustrate posters, websites, or blogs. All the drawings by one person could be presented together, or else the work by several people may be grouped under common themes. The drawings can be allowed to speak for themselves, or they can be linked to the verbal commentary that was collected during the workshop (or afterwards).

We encourage you to co-produce these materials with the workshop participants. How and to which level to involve them is for you to decide according to your project goals. Participants may be involved in different ways, for instance, they can help you:

  • structure the materials in terms of themes or key-messages to communicate
  • select which drawings to include
  • decide how to present drawings
  • give feedback on how well they feel represented in the materials produced
  • contribute additional content, such as information and support sources they have found useful

It is important that all participants whose work is used in any of these ways give their informed consent in advance (see FAQ Ethics and copyright). Regardless of how you involve participants in the co-production of materials, it is always a good idea to show them drafts of the materials before dissemination in order to avoid misrepresentations.  

Please acknowledge the use of DrawingOut in the production of your materials. You can do this by stating “The DrawingOut tool was used in the production of these materials. For more information visit”, or by using this logo (or both).

If you want to run a DrawingOut workshop, please complete this authorization form.