Putting it all together

Approximate time: 30 minutes

PowerPoint slides: 21 to 22

Exercise sheets: none


To give participants the freedom to choose any aspect of their disease experience and find an original way to express this; to encourage positivity.


“This final exercise will give you the freedom to focus on those aspects of your diseases that matter most to you. This is also your chance to communicate important messages to other people , for instance, your partner, family, friends, colleagues, healthcare professionals, or politicians.”


Participants should be given complete freedom to choose the topic of this /these final drawing(s). You may want to provide larger sheets of (A3) paper, as well as coloured (tissue) paper with different textures or patterns, newspapers, scissors and glue, in case some participants want to experiment with collage instead of just drawing. Encourage participants to interact and share ideas, or even work together to create the drawings.

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