Wrapping up and gathering feedback

PowerPoint slide: 24

Approximate time: 30 minutes

  1. Ask for feedback (see FAQ – How can I get feedback from the participants?)
  2. If you want to keep (copies of) the drawings and be able to link them to each participant, ask them to write their name (or alias) on the back of the drawings/copies.
  3. If you collected textual (conversations) and visual data (artwork) during the workshop, explain again to participants how you are planning to use it and that anonymity will be preserved (see FAQ – How can the artwork created in the workshop be used for education and awareness-raising?, What ethical aspects need to be considered?, What copyright issues need to be considered?).
  4. Remind participants that they should not share other participants’ views and experiences outside the workshop, and that they should respect others’ right to remain anonymous. Give them information about sources of support in case they are worried about their physical or mental health (see FAQ – What ethical aspects need to be considered?).
  5. Thank participants for attending and sharing their views.

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