Drawing figures

Allow around 5 minutes for exercise 1, and 10 minutes for exercise 2.

1. Some poses

“There are many different styles to draw human figures, including stick figures, outline figures, silhouetted figures (black shapes against a light background) and balloon people. Choose at least two styles and draw a few people in different poses. It may help you if you take up those poses yourself before drawing them.”

You or another of the workshop facilitators may volunteer to act as a model, striking different poses for participants to draw. To emphasize the idea that the drawings should be spontaneous, you can limit the time participants have to draw each figure (e.g., 60 seconds).

2. Full-body self-portrait

“Draw yourself in whichever style you prefer and in a pose that best represents how you feel about your invisible disease. Remember that you can use facial expression, body posture and colour to show your feelings.”