People, creatures and objects

Approximate time: 1 hour

PowerPoint slides: 9 to 14

Exercise sheets: Nine Faces Sheet


To teach basic drawing skills and increase participants’ confidence.


“In this session we will invite you to draw faces, objects, figures and creatures. These exercises are meant to give you confidence that you can draw anything you like if you stop worrying about getting it exactly ‘right’. The nice thing about drawing is that it can help you express yourself and your perspective of the world. To do this, drawings do not have to be complicated or realistic. Very simple lines, shapes and colours can capture your personal views and experiences. There is charm in imperfection. By selecting the things that are important to you and perhaps exaggerating them, you are giving your own perspective on whatever you are drawing.”


This section includes four groups of drawing exercises. We recommend that you cover all four groups of exercises, but if you don’t have enough time you can choose to skip one or more of the individual exercises within each group.

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